Jews Bribed Republicians In 1871 But Now Bribe Both Parties

The declining state of freedom in America can be traced to the 1871 act of Congress that established Washington DC and, at the same time, converted the United States from a constitutional republic to a corporation. This is the reason the official wording was changed from Constitution for The United States of America to CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and also why all capital letters are used in the name instead of upper and lower case letters. This Act of 1871 abolished the original constitutional government and created a legal fiction that became financially indebted to and controlled by international Jewish bankers.

video on the 1871 corporation

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–– America is a Colony of The Crown. The Crown is a 677-acre independent state, in London and it’s run by a committee of 12 banks, headed by the Bank of England or (House of Rothschild.) The Crown city state is not a part of England, just like Washington DC is a city state that is not a part of the USA. The Crown assets are valued at over $300 Trillion and currently they hold most of the world’s bonded indebtedness. When the Queen wishes to conduct business in The Crown city-state she is the Lord Major at the Temple Bar. Lawyers in America make an oath to and owe their allegiance to The Crown. This means that lawyers and judges are foreign agents and they do not operate at the best interest of America or Americans.
Pope Announces Jubilee – Liable Judges Scared –– The Pope has declared that the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES ended as of July 1, 2013. As of Sept 1st, 2013 all America’s judges, lawyers, police and so-called gov’t officials become personally and financially liable for their actions and omissions against living beneficiaries of the public trusts.