1. EDUCATE by organizing groups in your community to distribute leaflets

2. Work locally to revitalize the jural societies and grand juries in every county.

3. Establish de jure State governments with a strong and comprehensive Bill of Rights that precedes and is superior to any Constitution.

4. Establish a lawful non-coercive national structure.

5. Attract Millions of people quickly who will leave the jurisdiction of the current de facto corporation purporting to be the lawful government of this country to join the lawful de jure structure in their respective States.

6. Create a smooth transition from the current de facto corporate structure to lawful structure based on freedom and love.

"Courts are incorporated, they are for-profit businesses. They don't deal in law. The judges are not judges, they're administrators for the Corporation, trustees of accounts. They use the legal system to imprison people unlawfully (Title 18 The Criminal Code used today in our courts was never ratified, only 44 of 215 required votes) every day they imprison people on criminal charges. We're proving these things were done unlawfully in the World Court and challenging the authority of the jurisdiction of the Corporation -- they don't have any." -- President James Timothy Turner

President Turner has told us to avoid violence because he knows that would play into enemy hands. Remember we are still in only stage 1 of the revolution. Even if we are killed we have given all in the battle for the word of God and to keep America Christian. In the end we will WIN.The three stages of revolution