The Republic for the United States of America
from the Desk of the Acting President

James Buchanan Geiger
Acting President

July 31, 2013

Re: President James Timothy Turner - Sentencing

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Over the past three years the Republic has endured many obstacles. Much the same as our founding fathers faced some 230 years ago. In this regard the saga of the struggle for true freedom and liberty for all Americans rest within our great Republic. We remain inspired by the stalwart perseverance of our forefather's timeless endeavor, who met these obstacles head on without wavering. So let us too be ever faithful to conquer the challenges set before us with no less commitment and zeal as those who set the standard for us.

In these three years we have overcome and endured many things with even less support and resources at times than our forefathers. However because divine inspiration and providence of the Almighty has been on this Republic, we have accomplished much. For those who remain faithful in the cause to restore its rightful place among the governments of this world; it is a calling of duty and love for all humanity. We have by the immutable hand of our sovereign Lord peacefully restored this Republic and given all Americans a reason to hope for a future where justice is defined by its equal application to all instead of one's ability to pay. God is establishing once and for all this Republic as that shining city on the hill despite all of the efforts to the contrary.

President James Timothy Turner has told us since we embarked on this journey that this cause to restore God's Republic is not about one man; it is much larger than any one person. From the inception, the enemy of all creation has worked against those who have given of themselves to complete this sacred calling. He, the enemy has tried to discourage, disrupt and stop the work of liberty our Heavenly Father has placed in our hands. Our President, James Timothy Turner, along with the faithful, has stood and holds fast with undying devotion to this noble cause.

Once again we are being asked to stand firm and hold the wall, because one of our own has been unjustly harmed. We must stand on what God says and not give way to fear and unbelief. I ask that all who love this cause to continue to stand peacefully in righteous indignation and to keep our hearts and hands clean.

On Wednesday, July 31, 2013, President James Timothy Turner was sentenced by the district court of Alabama to a maximum 260 months (21+ years in prison, followed by 5 years of probation). He was further ordered to pay $26,200 in restitution to the Internal Revenue Service. This is far less then the 160 years that was sought by the prosecution. Please continue to pray that the will of God be purposed in this matter and stand as we have been asked to do. This is not a battle that will be won with flesh and blood, but with fervent effectual prayer. We have no reason to fear or retaliate against anyone, this is not what our President would want nor do we condone.

Keep President Turner and his family in your prayers as I and my family will be doing. Place all of this in the Lords very capable hands and see His great deliverance.

God bless you all, God bless President Turner and God bless the Republic for the United States of America.

Respectfully and with a humble heart,

James Buchanan Geiger
Acting President
Republic for the United States of America

Donations for President Turner's expenses can be sent to:
Gods Will Be Done Ministry
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Letters of encouragement can be sent to:
James Timothy Turner
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