Black Crimes & Reparations
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is full of errors, omissions, and hypocrisy. The UN Petition that asks that former slave trading nations be required to make monetary reparations is a sham. Slavery exist today in Africa. The Sudan is selling Christian captives for around $90 each. It also exists on the Gold Coast. Liberia, the Negro Republic, was a major slave trading nation in the 18th an 19th Centuries. At one point, a faction of Liberia's government tried to stop the slave trade there, which resulted in a civil war, in which the slavers defeated the anti-slavers. Dahomey was a major slave trader. In a current book The Slave Trade, by Hugh Thomas, available at your library, plate #20 shows King Tegesibu of Dahomey who made 250,000 Pound Sterling a year for selling Africans in 1750, far moree than any English Duke recieved as income. Plate #21 shows King Alvare of the Congo who provided slaves to the Postugese in 1686. These are African Nations, and now the Rev. Taylor, the UN, et al, are going to ask slave trading nations to pay reparations to Africans? Preposperous! I have read much concerning slavery but have been disappointed in not finding any mention of free blacks who owned slaves. The subject was mentioned in American Heritage Feb/Mar 1993 (vol 441 under the title "Selling Poor Steven" beginning on page 90. Citing the official U.S. Census of 1830, there were 3775 free blacks who owned 12,740 black slaves. Furthermore, the story outlines the history of slavery here, and the first slave owner, the Father of American slavery, was Mr. Anthony Johnson, of Northhampton, Virginia. His slave was John Casor, the first slave for life. Both were black Africans. the story is very readable, and outlines cases of free black women owning their husbands, free black parents selling their children into slavery to white owners, and absentee free black slave owners, who leased their slaves to plantation owners. Most libraries carry back issues of American Heritage. Another interesting book on the same subject is FREE NEGRO OWNERS OF SLAVES IN THE UNITED STATES 1830, by the noted black historian, Carter C. Woodson. This book lists the names and addresses of free blacks who owned slaves. Among them is one George C. Washington, of Washington, D.C. As for the woman who locked her car door when she saw Taylor approach, I would say this is a natural reaction by a prudent women today. Each year, some 1.2 million violent crimes involving blacks and whites occur nationwide. In fully 90 percent of those cases, according to U.S. Justice Department figures, the perpetrators are black and the victims are white. Violent white felons choose black victims for fewer than 3 percent of their attacks, whereas violent black felons choose white victims about 56 percent of the time. Statistically, the "average" African American is an astonishing 56 times more likely to attack a white than vice versa. In 1988 there were nine reported incidents of black women being raped by white men. In the same year there were 9,400 reported cases of white women being raped by black men. In 1991 there were 94 reported cases of white on black rape, but 20,016 reported cases of white women being raped by black men. (Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics, 1993, p.290, Table 351.) These numbers are staggering. If America were teeming with white racism, surely the perpetrators of interracial crime would be disproportionately white. Clearly, however, that is not at all the case. Though contemporary civil rights leaders such as the Rev. Taylor strive to portray white-on-black crime as commonplace, their rhetoric rings pathetically hollow. With tortured faces and ostensibly anguished hearts, they will seek out any microphone or news reporter willing to publicize their lamentations about even the rarest instances of white racism in action. Meanwhile, they turn a deaf ear to the desperate screams of the thousands of white -- and black -- victims who fall prey to black assailants each year. Let's say NO to reparations for blacks and Africa.. They clearly do not deserve it, from a historical or legal standpoint, nor by their current actions. By the way you opp people I am only on the letter"B". __________________ Niggers aren't human. Humans don't behave that way. "Remember my children, that all the Earth must belong to us, Jews, and that the Gentiles being mere excrements of animals, must possess nothing". Amsehel Rothschild

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