City of Page, Arizona is a small town in northern Arizona located on the southern shores of magnificent Lake Powell. Their Police Dept on 808 Coppermine Road (and 547 Vista Ave) is where Officer Shawn Wilson, the cold-blooded killer of a bonded sovereign citizen Bill Foust. He still works there after getting off scot free for the August 2011 murder of lawyer Bill. The victim mentions during the 48 minute mark of having to had replace multiple windshields because of bullet holes. Had someone been intimidating him? Was it Shawn Wilson? I know that he is deceased, so its hard to watch the video segments of how he states that he stopped careing and about former incidents of broken auto glass. Will some patriot put a lien on Wilson's property or perhaps deliver some, deserved, justice to him one day or evening while he is on patrol? Wilson's boss Charle Dennis is now in hiding under a rock in Reidsville NC

Foust Murder cover-up by Chris Deloria of the Coconino County Sheriff Dept

Shawn Wilson Gets gets away with murder

Chris Deloria & the cover-up of a murder More

Billy Foust Gunned down by De Facto Page Policeman More

Page police Dept

Will a murderous De Facto Page Policeman receive justice & be gunned down by a homemade .40 cal rifle or other weapon